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Manufacturers & Exporters of Acid Dyes, Solvent Dyes (Oil Colour),
Food Colours, Pigment Powders, & Intermediates

About Us

Ankleshwar industrial estate, Gujarat, India which is one of the biggest industrial estate in Asia. The company is owned by Mr. D.G. Prajapati and Mr. Rajesh Prajapati.

Mr. D.G. Prajapati is B.Sc. Tech. (B.Chem.Engg.) from HBTI / IIT, Kanpur (INDIA) who lunched dream project M/s. Sky & Skylark Industrial Products in the year 1988 & M/s. Rajesh Chemical Industries in 1993.

The motto was to give continuous service & quality to the client. Mr. D.G. Prajapati has 35 years experience in Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Dyes Industries who won the race due to quality products & continuous service in time.

Our motto of quality control & timely delivery schedule has strengthen our posture in the domestic as well as in the global market. Our plant production capacity is 600 tones / Annum and also we have established sister concern in the name of M/s. Rajesh Chemical Industries & M/s. Om Shanti Industries.

We have latest sophisticated testing equipments in our laboratory operated by qualified personnel. At present we are manufacturing ACID DYES, FOOD COLOURS, SOLVENT DYES, PIGMENT POWDERS & DYES INTERMEDIATES.

The production has been achieved by the SPRAY DRYER in our unit having a capacity of 400 Lits / hr. The major products supplied are SPRAY DRYER.

We are planning to install REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM FOR SALT FREE & LIQUID DYES which are currently in demand in European market.

In near future we would be able to supply salt free acid dyes & food colours.